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Organizational Climate and Counterproductive Work Behavior in the implementation of a pathway for newly employed nurses: a pilot study in a Healthcare facility in Northern Italy

Blood substitutes: critical analysis on three experimental studies

Nursing-led Clinics in the Lombardy region (Italy): a survey

Nothing will be LIKE BEFORE

Gli infermieri raccontano le storie dei loro assistiti e si interrogano sui problemi etici

News from the regulatory board

Free parking on the yellow and blue lines, and free access to Area C: The result of the collaboration between OPI Mi-Lo-MB and the Municipality of Milan

A new challenge for a home palliative care team in the time of COVID-19

Analysis of an organizational model to face with the COVID-19 emergency in the context of General and Emergency Medicine (Lombardy): the experience of Santi Paolo and Carlo Hospital in Milan

Nothing will be LIKE BEFORE

We believe in young people, let’s help them win loneliness

A diabetic hand ulcer: an underestimated illness. A case report