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Observational study on nursing knowledge relating to the use of donated human milk in the feeding of the pretermine newborn

Dance and Quality of Life: an effective tool to support the fight against gender-based violence. Literature review

“Good morning; how can I help you?” The experience of the patients’ acceptance in the emergency room during the Covid 19 emergency in a university hospital in Milan

Interviewing Ercole Vellone, 5th Italian nurse of the American Academy of Nursing

Sexuality and disability, a matter still submerged

Care needs in cardiopathic patients with obesity and diabetes: an observational retrospective case-control study

The home setting and therapeutic errors: new nursing paradigms

An international project between the nursing professions order and Iraq: music beyond all borders

Pilot Study: Use of Simulation as a tool for formative assessment of theoretical/practical knowledge of students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The ability of nursing students to recognize and manage the patient’s clinical deterioration: a descriptive observational study

Oss to nurse in 300 hours. A real risk for operators and patients

Nothing will be LIKE BEFORE

We believe in young people, let’s help them win loneliness

A diabetic hand ulcer: an underestimated illness. A case report